Rinus van den Berg
Exotic Garden in Veenendaal, Niederlande.

A very small garden in Veenendaal, a town between Utrecht and Arnhem, Netherlands. The front-yard of his garden is designed in a mediterranian style mainly with plants that prefer dry soil and full sun, like cacti, yuccas and agaves. Additionally he grows some plants from South Africa and Australia, like Kniphofia, Cordyline and bottlebrushes, and for the jungle look he planted some palms and bamboos.

The garden in the back-yard is very jungle like with more shade and moisture. Bamboos and some big leaved plants like Musa basjoo, Canna, Dicksonia antarctica, Gunnera tinctora, Tetrapanax papyrifera. The soil is completely covered with plants. Due to a very mild ’walled’ situation is very little wintercover needed (zone about 7a).

If you like to contact him: telephone: 0031318-515759 or cellphone 00316-24766357. Homepage (in Dutch):
The front-yard

The back-yard

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