Benny Möller Jensen
Dänemark, his garden is situated about 15 km from the shore of the North sea, a few kilometers from the City of Hjoerring. The property where he is gardening is about 2500 qm2, beside hardy cactus and other hardy succulents Benny grows a lot of Yuccas (almost every species from the US and Canada), Rhododendron, Alpines, Penstemon, and other drought resistant plants. On the property there are two small unheated greenhouses (build up against a brick wall) the biggest is 17 square meter, and the small one is about 7 square meter. Benny currently has 10 cactus beds from 3 to 30 qm2 in size, and 4 Rhododendron beds, from 4 to 25 qm2 in size and 3 alpine beds from 10 to 25 qm2 in size.

the rock garden beds picture of the greenhouse

pictures courtesy of Patrik Flank, Sweden, Copyright 1999

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